Fighting the weekend war

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Home for the moment

This guy was at the crag yesterday.

Weekend warrior

A true weekend warrior, he is both armored and armed for battle.

The weekend was a pretty typical one. Good beer, good weather, good climbing.
Saturday was heinous. Temps in the low 30s and extreme gusts of winds. Ropebags were flying away.

The indian aint scared of the cold

Sunday was much better. I managed to send Taco Chips (13a), Aggro Monkey (13b) and Rude Boys (13c). Sport climbing is cool.

Amy on Overboard, 11c

Kirk on Churning in Wake, 13a

Churning in the Wake, 13a

Breaking the law

In other news, Walker and I are planning on a 3 day push on El Cap via Freerider starting on March 5th. I don’t want to say too much because we haven’t quiet worked out our logistics and the weather is always crazy this time of year. However, we are psyched and hope it works out. Send positive vibes our way and don’t do any raindances.

I’v also been experimenting with Gimp, an open source alternative to photoshop, to enhance the photos coming from my 99 dollar point and shoot. If anyone has any feedback, I would love to hear it.

Pre photoshop

Post photoshop

Climb safe,
Ps, I don’t know why, but it just made sense to make this