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Here are some photos from another Smith weekend.

My respect for this place grows with every visit. Smith is really good. The amount of climbing is very extensive; according to the guidebook there are 1700 routes here. The variety of climbing is equally impressive; everything from overhanging jughauls to crimpy faces to splitter cracks is available. There are even stellar multipitch climbs for the more ambitious individuals.

Kirky getting multipitch

When these facts are combined with the endless sunshine of the central Oregon desert, it becomes clear that Smith is a top destination in the United States. While I don’t think any cragging in the country can match up with the Red or the New, Smith is certainly the closest runner up I have seen yet. Impressive to say the least.

Here, Tara recreates the famous smith rock mid-climb clothes removal first seen by the young Chris Sharma on Just Do It. She got the shirt off but unfortunately wasn't actually able to make it to the top of the climb.

Training for the first stick clip ascent of El Cap

Finally, I’d like to share this picture with you. This is Tommy Caldwell high as fuck on an El Cap route.

Are you breaking the Tommy Caldwell Gear Threshold?

Let’s just notice what he has in terms of gear and supplies. I see a double set of cams, a single rope, no helmet, no backpack. This weekend, I visually surveyed the gear and supply amount of the average smith rock trad (mostly single pitch) climber and have tallied the following results:

Just something to think about….

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