Tuolumne. A labor day clusterfuck

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I must begin by saying. I am fucking PSYCHED! And you know why? According to the administrative dashboard of this blog, yesterday, I got 6 views! Yesterday, 6 cool ass motherfuckers browsed to this here bliggty blog!  I assume those dudes were pretty damn bored at work.  Nevertheless, I gotta say, now that I am popular, the air sure is sweeter at the top!

Anways, thats all bullshit: Peep the blog!

After an afternoon of Bikhram Hot Yoga that resembled something like Figure 1

Figure 1: Hot Yoga

creepy Lozano and I headed to Tuolumne for 3 days of rock scrambling.

We tried to have a lot of something not usually allowed in a climbing trip: fun. No pressure to send, no eating disorders, only relaxing and having a good time.

We started the weekend Friday afternoon. I wrapped up work with a very painful hangover and with my last burst of effort drove to Dirty Lozano’s (DL’s) house. While I napped on the couch, Jason loaded the ride and graciously offered to drive.

With suprisingly little labor day traffic, we drove to the valley and crashed under the stars.

The next morning we went cragging at the Wiz Dome. For a wharmup, I punted and took a trad whipper on a BD gray .4 on a super polished 11a that girls onsite. Dirty Loranzo flashed it on TR (sick!)

Then, we worked on a gloriously stunnig 7c+ called Sacred Fire (Figure 2). This sandbagged rig (put up by Ron Kauk in the early 1800s), is a 40+ meter journey with several cruxes and every type of grip you can imagine.

Figure 2: Hangdogging Sacred Fire, 7c+

Figure 3. Mike sending

Mike sent (Figure 3), I didn’t.  Typical.

Figure 4

On sunday, we took full advantage of Tuolumne and did a triatholon day: 13a sport, 12a trad (Figure 4) and v12 bouldering.   It was sick.

Anyways, thats the post,  and I hope you enjoyed reading it!   Btw, east coasters, Tuolumne has 60 degree, no humidity sending temps in august.  Oh, and the gym isn’t bad either: http://www.touchstoneclimbing.com/sp.html.

Peace, Love and Spray,


ps: There are more photos, but too fucked up to post them right now.  Sorry!

pps: I don’t really have sponsors anymore, but I’d still like to thank Maxim Ropes for supporting me in the past!  In college, I couldn’t really afford to eat, but I always had a fresh cord to whip on thanks to these guys!  Go get a chord from them, its Sick!