Tuolumne living

by We didn't write this

Summer time is Tuolumne time.

Here is Mayan on Peace, 13d.

On Sunday, Mike and I did an interesting, 1000 foot long rig on Fairview Dome called Heart of Stone.

Here is Mike on the 6th pitch, a stunning 12a dihedral.

Unfortunately,  the 5 pitches leading up to this stelar dihedral, as well as the 4 pitches after are super run out, R rated 5.10 slab.  The protection is an occasional rusty bolt and cams behind hollow flakes.   Here is Mike on pitch 7.

Mandatory butt shot:

Overall, the climb was awesome.   Please note Mike’s long sleeve shirt. Tuolumne is an amazing summer area, with August temps in the 60 degrees.  If you are sweating your ass off in the southeast, or even pulling on overbolted choss in Wyoming (Mikey…), I highly encourage you to come this way!  The granite is the best in the country and the temps are prime.

T minus 5 days before THE NOSE!!!!

Peace, love and spray,