Never blow an onsight again!!!

by We didn't write this

With my new onsight glasses!

Have you ever belayed someone on a route you wish to later onsight?  Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the  crux and now cannot log your achievement on 8a in fear of Jens slapping you in the face with a yellow card?  We have.  Which is why we invented the new 8a onsight glasses.  These puppies safely divert your vision away from the climber you are belaying so you have no hopes of even catching a glimpse of the action.  You are proven to never see the climber you are belaying or your money back.

For only 200 Norwegian Krones these glasses are a STEAL and supplies wont last.

If you are still in doubt, listen to this testimonial by a legendary first ascentionist from boulder:

“After buying my sicky gnar gnar glasses I was able to Climb Public Enemy to the horizontal jug rest 4-5 bolts if you count the one on the slab but traverse left skipping the 4th bolt on the main face of Public it currently has a yellow sling-skip it and move left into the traverse finishing on Sonic. So far all of the 4 new 5.14a’s on this wall all feel very Clear Creek Canyon-Spain? 5.14a.1or2 similar to Don’t Trust Whitey in Rifle with slightly easier boulder problems just a little more back to back. V9? block big jug heel hook rest-V8or9? traverse then V7? Sonic finish…if I say 5.13d.9 Rifle style then most people wont have the guts to take the 14a’s if I say “low end entry level, short bouldery restful which seems to be an easy style for most-WORLD STANDARD 8b+ non of this Rifle standard crap” THEN I think most will agree, NO not as hard as Shine 14a.9 ;o) but look at the difference between F-Dude 14a.1 and 7pm Show 14a.999+
FINALLY if you do not bring a long 4′ sling for the 2nd to last bolt on Sonic and then run it out to the anchor you WILL have heinous rope drag ALSO try un-clipping the 1st slab bolt once the 2nd-1st bolt on the face is clipped, then Z-clip the 3rd and un-clip the 2nd at the 4th-“3rd on the steep part of the wall” use the longer 2’er instead of the 1’er and VIOLA absolutely NO ROPE DRAG on the final block of Sonic…make sure to pull on the rope giving yourself some slack in it before leaving the final rest for the run-out to the chains ;o) FUN!!!”