The future of climbing

by We didn't write this

When bouldering in Yosemite took off, they scoffed.   Who are these fools?  Why are they climbing small boulders underneath the most immaculate, monster cliffs in the world?  This cannot possibly be the future.

They were wrong.  Bouldering under amazing rope areas is THE cutting edge in rock climbing today.   All the big names are doing it.

Climbing has evolved from drunk and reckless explorers hammering pitons 2000 feet above the deck to lycra clad quasi transvestites drilling 2 finger pockets to muscle backed gorillas digging through rhododendron and talus to find the next 2 move masterpiece.

However, I believe all that is a thing of the past. So, what does the future hold?  What will be the defining discipline of the 21st century?

Really, its quiet simple.  Think about it.  The trend in climbing is going from big to small.  Mountains were cool in the 1800s, big walls in the 1960s, sport climbing in the 90s and finally bouldering today.  The next big discipline must conquer yet smaller challenges to be cool.  Well, brothers and sisters, today I reveal to you the future.

The next big discipline is…….   Extreme rock collecting.

Mark my words: the Paul Robinsons of tomorrow will be walking around with buckets collecting the gnarliest looking rocks.

Brothers and sisters,  take a gander at the future.